2016 Visiting Artists Week

This March, our students (in grades 1-8) took part in three days of workshops with a group of 8 talented Visiting Artists. The workshops culminated in a wonderful assembly, in which the students performed or shared what they had learned.

From Visiting Artist Deborah Gordon (A Cappella Singing): "I haven't stopped telling people about my experiences, haven't stopped smiling, and haven't been able to get those songs out of my already song-filled noggin... The environment, the students, the helper ( Lee- so true to his title!), the other artists and kids, the silence, the sounds... It was nothing short of an honor to be involved and to have met you and observed your marvelous school."

Click here to watch and listen to the A Cappella group perform, "Sing Like a Bird."


Click here to view the video of the songwriting group, featuring Putnam Smith, sing "Old As Mountains, New As Snow (We Are One)."

And click here to download the song lyrics.


This group made beautiful fused glass artwork with our own teacher, Carol Connor.


Click here to listen to the audio pieces created by FSP students under the guidance of FSP parent Jones Franzel.


Click here to listen to the Marimba group, led by Jacob Wolff of Maine Marimba Ensemble.


Click here to listen to the African drummers perform with Michael Wingfield.


A group of first and second graders worked together with artist Sarah Herboldsheimer to create a series of beautiful collages related to the Quaker SPICES.


The circus arts group, taught by Janoah Bailin, learned a variety of fun new skills!