Friends School of Portland challenges and empowers students to develop their intellectual, physical, emotional, creative, and spiritual potential. The school honors our students’ natural gifts as they learn to enter the world with confidence, competence, joy, and a sense of purpose. We are guided by the Quaker values of integrity, truth, equality, peace, community, and simplicity.

Changing a Child's Life

Your gift to Friends School of Portland will change a child's life. Quaker education nurtures a particular sort of personhood - a person who, in an age of growing materialism, has first-hand experience of the reality and importance of quiet reflection and attention to the inner light; a person who has a capacity for reverence and a commitment to ideals larger than oneself; a person who is willing to "let us see what love can do," in the words of William Penn, an early Quaker. Students who graduate from a Friends school walk away with a strong sense of social understanding, skills to deal with adversity, respect for others, and a profound self-worth.

Changing the Community

Your gift to Friends School of Portland will change the Greater Portland community and beyond. Friends schools are known for being pace-setters both in education and community involvement. They are often visited by public educators who seek innovative methods of instruction and learning. Friends' collaborative way of making decisions helps create a collegial atmosphere that keeps the best interest of students front and center. Professional development becomes ongoing as we search together for ways to meet the needs of our students and take pleasure in their growth and development. We believe that the impact of our school will be felt beyond our graduates and their families to provide positive energy to the wider community.

There are over 80 Friends schools and colleges throughout the country, whose names (Westtown, Sidwell, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore) bring instant recognition for their unique combination of academic excellence and their whole-child approach to intellectual and moral development. While they are rooted in Quaker values, Friends schools do not teach any specific religious belief. Indeed, only a small fraction of Friends schools' students are Quaker.

Friends Council on Education supports this network of schools and has recognized and supported FSP as a Member Applicant. FSP will continue to benefit from the existing Friends schools, as much through their example as through their high standards.

We have been led to found the Friends School of Portland to be an inspiring force for education and social progress. We invite you to join us by making a generous contribution to our Annual Fund!

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