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In a dynamic learning community, all of us, parents, children and staff - just keep on learning. We can't help it! It is exciting and rewarding for its own sake. Here are a few links that might interest you.

The Friends Council on Education supports all of the Quaker schools in the United States and abroad with their wide array of resources and dedicated staff. Visit them at to browse their materials, visit the websites of other Friends schools, and become acquainted with Friends education.

This article: What Does a Friends School Have to Offer? sums up the value of a Friends education beautifully.

Silent Meeting: What really happens when people sit together in silence? How can wiggly, lively kids do this and what do they get out of it? This brochure helps demystify this experience: "Meeting for Worship: Written for Students by Students."(PDF format)

The Northeast Foundation for Children is a nonprofit organization whose Responsive Classroom philosophy is very much aligned with Quaker practice. They offer several helpful books for parents and educators.