Wish Lists

There are many ways to support FSP, both big and small. Would you like to help by donating needed items? See our wish lists below. If you would like to donate one of these items, please call to schedule a drop-off. Please remember that gifts are tax-deductible! Thank you!


General School Wish List

* dish towels
* pot holders
* bicycle rack


Billy’s List for P.E. & After School Activities

* Balance bikes

* Foosball table

* Golf putters & balls

* Lacrosse sticks


Aliza's List for Grade 1-2

* Kelly Kettle

* Bug boxes

* Bird feeder

* Wool roving


Susan's list for Science & Human Ecology

* 1-3 pairs of chest waders (size X-small, small or medium)
* Rectangular Cake trays (4-5 needed, apx. size 9x13)
* White ice cube trays (3-5 needed)
* White plastic bowls (4-5)
* 1-2 buckets
* Long-handled fine-mesh nets: 2-3 (D-shaped ideal but round fine too; such as kind used to catch insects in ponds or streams.)
* On a long shot: Plankton net (small nylon plankton net with attached vial)
* Audubon/Peterson-type portable field guides to geology, botany, stars/constellations, weather, intertidal/shore or forest systems, etc. (especially focused on east coast/New England).